It all started when I was digging in my handbag...

As a busy wife and mother of two, I visualize myself as being prepared for whatever life presents. My handbag is the place where everything goes; most of the time... which is why, I was constantly in disarray when it came time to finding anything in my handbag. With this ongoing frustration, I decided to create a handbag organizer that addressed my needs and then realized I wasn't alone. In fact, my little clever idea would be a potential benefit for all women. Why not?

That's when the proverbial light bulb went on—there was indeed a need for a fashionable and functional organizer for women's handbags. I quickly sketched a design to share with my husband (partly thinking he would say I was crazy) and to my surprise, he loved the idea. This drove me to work on full production mode and PurseN made its way from paper to reality. I've always believed if you can create something with your heart, your passion will then guide you. And, this is how I founded and created PurseN.




CEO and Founder

The Chelko Foundation

Chelko Foundation Heart

PurseN supports the Paul Chelko mission, "Until women are free, no one is free." The Chelko Foundation seeks to empower deserving women through art, education and partnership by awarding scholarships in the arts and presenting special humanitarian grants.
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